Professional summary

Scott Davis is the Principal and founder of Strategic Marketing Decisions, a consultancy that specializes in helping their clients improve market performance by optimizing the design and pricing of their products and services. Key areas of emphasis include 1) understanding the customer’s decision process, 2) estimating the value of product features to different market segments and how they influence preference and choice, 3) identifying cost drivers and measuring their impact on profitability, 4) assessing competitive offerings and forecasting likely competitive responses, and 5) developing strategies for effectively selling their offerings, whether directly or through resellers. When appropriate, cutting edge statistical analysis and market

Engagement overview

A typical engagement includes the following: 1) and introductory call or e-mail exchange to identify the key issues and determine the appropriate scope, 2) proposal preparation that specifies project scope, responsibilities and deliverables, 3) phone or online meetings to provide us with the information needed to execute the study (which may include survey design input and feedback), 4) data collection and analysis including model or tool development (if specified as deliverables), and 5) a presentation findings and recommendations (either on-site or online) and deliverables. A typical engagement spans 2-4 months and fees typically are based on the project rather than a daily basis. Any survey costs are treated as a pass-through expense to the client.

Training engagements typically involve a few calls to determine the relevant content and to review relevant case examples to be followed by the training session. Fees are based on a daily rate (includes preparation, delivery and travel).


• Abbott
• AT&T
• Bristol-Myers Squibb
• Covidien
• General Electric
• Philips
• Siemens
• Universal Music Group
• Welch-Allyn