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Stephen Tillotson is a Strategy/Management Consultant adept at managing multiple locations and applying Lean Six Sigma principles to cost management, organizational effectiveness, financial planning and analysis, systems development, continuous improvement, managing critical-to-success factors and fostering employee development will contribute to client or employer’s long-term sustainability and bottom-line growth.

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Engagements are governed by a Scope of Work agreement which defines project objectives, deliverables, time frames, Guaranteed Not To Exceed pricing, terms and payment schedules.


We have served over 140 clients in the past 12 years. Here is a list of a few of our most recent clients:

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There are several ways business leaders rationalize against their businesses capturing more value(i.e. maximizing profitability). The common culprits are:

- Long-term profitability: Offering freebies to prospects in the hopes of locking them down as loyal customers.
- Short-term profitability: Sudden and large increases in price which damage product loyalty.
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The decision to sell your business is certainly not to be taken lightly or quickly. Once you decide that transferring your business to a new owner is the best route, you may not be sure where to begin. This is likely why, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Study and SCORE, less than 30% of businesses successfully transfer hands.

There are many reasons why an exit plan is not executed, 3 ... Read more

If your business is very young, you may only be able pay yourself from net cash at the end of each month, much like a commissioned salesperson. As you grow, a great way to stabilize your income is to steadily increase your pay to the level of a comparable manager's salary and leave the remainder in the business.

Provided your business is generating enough cash flow, it may be helpful to reward... Read more


Q. What is the most important challenge facing a generation of baby boomer business owners? A. Finding the exit door to a financially secur... Read more

According to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce Study and SCORE only 20% to 30% of the businesses that are for sale will successfully transfer hands... Read more

This introductory video walks business owners through the three phases of our business consulting services: Turnaround, Growth

Of late I have become more curious about the reasons behind the resistance of our economy to rebound nearly five years after the crash in la... Read more

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According to a 2008 study conducted by Atlanta-based WhiteHorse Advisors and Vistage International, 96% of boomer business owners agreed tha... Read more


Stephen is one of the brightest and most thorough management consultants I have ever worked with. Over the years we have collaborated on finding an improved evaluation and discovery system that will help us deliver more value and quick identification of core issues.

Stephen's genius lies in his ability to not only diagnose issues but to work with the client in transforming their business through training, coaching and mentoring. Many consultants want to write a procedure and move on. Stephen develops long-term relationships that result in quantifiable bottom line improvements.

You really can't find a better resource than Stephen if you are serious about improving your business.

William Hultquist, President and CEO Enterprise Management Consulting

In attending one of Stephen's seminars, I was most impressed by Stephen's caring attitude for everyone involved, regardless of their stature. Stephen is a true professional.

He has years of experience in a unique field of endeavor which makes his abilities even more valuable to people in need of those services. When your business is in need, you really want someone who is both sincere and successful, someone who gets results. Stephen gets results!!!

I would recommend anyone to take the time to get to know Stephen as he is a valuable networking resource and a pillar of the community. He cares about people and it shows.

Gene Hamilton, CEO i Take The Lead Franchise Corp

Stephen is someone you want to have on your team during an emergency. Level headed, he is a problem solver who gets things done. His analytical skills are matched only by his ability to clearly communicate. He successfully turned several clients' businesses around in a short time. He builds great decision-support models that are easy to understand and use.

Tom Karwaki, Economic Development Director Siletz Tribal Business Corporation

Stephen is definitely a great coach and speaker. He never fail to bring value each time he is given the opportunity to speak either a one-to-one or in front of a crowd of business people. Stephen is a successful coach for the #1 reason is that he is also a great listener.

Admand Wong, CFBA, CFWA, C(k)P, Wealth Manager Integrity Financial Corporation

I was very fortunate to work with Stephen. He juggles many responsibilities and commitments, yet somehow always very supportive to other people. Stephen values integrity, honesty, compassion and drive that are obvious in his character from the moment you meet him. I would recommend him and his company to anyone I know!

Anna Martca, Owner Newspaper MAMA