Professional summary

Tish Baldez has over two decades of diversified experience in leadership training, project management and sales management in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, healthcare and management consulting industries, which includes working for several of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

Tish enables others to work successfully together. Having served as a leader in a matrix organization, Tish applies this experience in successful collaboration with clients to ensure their individual, team and corporate success. Tish has designed and led effective cross-functional teams, managed technical/non-technical and sales professionals, and managed multimillion dollar budgets.

Tish designs and facilitates domestic and international training/performance

Engagement overview

We qualify!
All engagements are unique so we always qualify every opportunity with our prospective client to ensure that we are the right partner with the right skills to help the client achieve their business objectives.

We decline if we do not believe we are the best fit!
Yes, we sometimes politely decline partnerships with clients but always point them in the direction of experts who can help. We don't believe in selling ourselves into all situations - only those where we have the expertise to deliver excellence.

We jointly develop the contract with the client!
Once qualified, we develop the contract details and project plans jointly with the client to ensure that the way forward is realistic and doable.

We evaluate our performance to sharpen our skills!
We always, without exception, close the engagement by evaluating our performance in execution.  This ensures we are always improving our performance, enhancing our expertise and  delivering excellence to meet our clients needs.


Our clients have locations worldwide and we work with them in over 30 countries, with our home base in the US.

Pharma/Life Science
• AbbVie (Columbia)
• AstraZeneca
• Bristol Myers Squibb
• J&J
• Lundbeck Canada
• Lundbeck US
• Merck & Co., Inc.
• Pfizer, Inc.
• Sanofi Aventis

Management Consultancies
• ICON (US and UK)
• IMS Consulting Group (US, Europe, Asia)
• Strategy and Analytics Consultancy (300+ employees worldwide)

Information, Technology and Services
• IMS Health (US, Canada, Europe, South America, Mexico, Asia)
• PDI, Inc.