Professional summary

In 2001, Tom founded Vista Development, a strategic development firm focused on people, process and planning. As a Consultant and Coach, Tom has facilitated successful outcomes in over 50 different industries. Working with upper level management, he facilitates a results orientated approach to the aligning strategies, talent, leadership and execution.

Tom's executive background includes leading the successful turnaround of a consumer products company and managing a 24 hour/day manufacturing facility. Tom has extensive, hands on experience in all areas of management with expertise in marketing, positioning, branding, sales, financial operations, product development, manufacturing operations, vendor negotiations and acquisitions. He implemented

Engagement overview

Projects are proposed in stages.  Phase 1 is typically a brief engagement that allows the client to discover the value and us to collaborate on the best approach moving forward.  With the insight from Phase 1, we custom tailor an approach for subsequent Phases that is designed to achieved the desired results and outcomes.


To paraphrase Zig Ziglar
"The only thing worse than developing your people and having them leave is NOT developing them and having them stay. "

What are some of the things that won't be done or done well if your people lack training and development?

When these things don't happen...
* What is the impact on your ability to get and keep customers?
* How will your organization's ability to ... Read more


There are three assumptions with 360s that are often flawed.

1. The best way to gain candor is with a witness protection program.

2. When names are disconnected from comments, the feedback recipient will be unable to recognize their source and will be uninterested in responding directly.

3. The feedback will be recognized and perceived by all as an opportunity for professional growth and ... Read more

Now that you’ve determined that you could benefit from executive coaching, finding the right fit is critical to the success of your engagement. Here are some guidelines for determining a fit.

While you want to be "comfortable" with your coach, be aware that an effective coach must have the ability to make you "uncomfortable" enough with the status quo to commit to changing and stepping outside... Read more


Ask questions about their goals, their roles, their understanding of expectations, obstacles to achievement, what they would like to have to do a better job.

For each question, actively listen without judging. Seek to empower, NOT to diminish... Read more


Last summer, I took my family on a ten day vacation and for the first time, I never once called in to the office. When I returned I found that there really were no problems that my people couldn't handle. I thank you for that.

Construction Products

We just had the best month in the 10 year history of the company in sales, margin and profit. You have helped us to turn this company around.

Construction Products Manufacturer

Our annual sales were up 33% while our labor cost stayed constant. That would not have happened without our Executive Leadership program.

Metal Fabricator

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coaching me to become a better leader and manager. Now I am able to implement what I learned last year and trust it will lead to better results for the company. Thank you once again. I am becoming a better leader one day at a time.

IT Staffing Company

I made the most improvements or marked growth with my intangibles. I learned valuable lessons on leadership and what its true essence is about. I loved learning about the power of well engineered questions and how to use them in a professional setting. The thought process around the goal planning process is incredibly useful and can be applied in many ways. I understand more now than ever how to engage people to get them to perform to a high level and to an aligned vision. In the area of time management, I learned that I need additional structure in my day to be more effective and work on the multiple areas where I have to engage in on a daily basis. Most importantly, I learned that all the answers lie within myself. It's all up to me.

Global Packaging Manufacturer

It's been just over a year since we started on the coaching journey, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity afforded me to take it with you. I sincerely appreciate your flexibility in arranging our meeting times, which I'm sure required some patience on your part.

I have a deeper appreciation for the power of positive thinking and what influences attitudes and behaviors. Creating and using affirmations has been a useful exercise.

The supplementary videos were inspirational and directly applicable. I appreciated having the diagnostic profiles to refer to as I gained knowledge and perspective on the leadership principles.

Truly, I've been able to accomplish more - and enjoy my accomplishments more - as a result of your coaching. I definitely have more work to do and habits to fine tune but the foundation is established for me to be open to the process of fulfilling my leadership potential. Thank you!

Global Consulting Firm

Before I started working with Tom I would have said that goal planning was one of my strengths. I still think I am good at it but going through this process has taught me that I am weak at making business arguments. Tom has helped me to formulate my thoughts, bring in data when needed and has helped me with sentence structure all with the plan of influencing others with a business argument. Working one-on-one with a coach was a much better decision then sending me to a few classes.

Global Consumer Goods Company

Over the course of the year, Tom has calmed me down a lot and helped me see that I was more in control than I thought, and that other people weren't in control as I thought they were. I would also add that Tom made himself tremendously available to me when I was going through some pretty difficult times and had few people to talk to. This was invaluable, and I am forever grateful. Also, although I am still challenged by my scenario, my ability to read the situation is much better. I got to the point at the end of our engagement where my confidence was back and there was less to work on. This is a good thing!!! I am much better at dealing with difficult people. Also, I did like learning that I score highly on three dimensions including Creativity, which is quite rare. This has really given me insight into my strengths and particularly my ability to see solutions to problems that other people don't see. This understanding has also helped me communicate better with others; I understand that others may not see what I see, so I have to help them see it.

Financial Services Firm

My experience rates a 10 out of 10. Tom is really talented and clearly loves what he does to bring the enthusiasm. He combines his experiences and professionally developed coaching skills with his intellect and intuition to utilize them all well. The delivery was skilled and compassionate. The content was amazing. He also shows a good command of the content, its origins and its ultimate purpose. He knows where he is going with it and is able to change up approaches and/or frameworks to get there on the fly.

As a result, I have enhanced my personal satisfaction with my job, increased effectiveness at inspiring and leading my staff. We now have faster and more efficient meetings. I'm able to provide more clarity to my expectations. I have a happier staff, more personal effectiveness in all life areas all around. More confidence. Richer personal life.

Financial Services Firm

I liked your style, which is why I chose to work with you. I know of a few other management coaches that are too forceful and opinionated ? telling you how to "fix" your business in the first 10 minutes with little or no historic knowledge. I appreciated that you got to know me first and my issues before spouting advice. I also like the little follow-up emails ? some good items come across once you reflect upon our discussions. And I liked how I could divert the conversation to current issues if need be.

Information Technology/Software company