Professional summary

Effective leaders want to develop sustainable revenue and profitability. We want to excel, prosper: to develop “Unfair Competitive Advantage.” We must strategically transform our organization.

Every organization has a present and a future. In between is performance. The level of performance defines and drives your results. People determine the level of performance.

For a different future you must change performance. People make change happen, but people resist change, so leadership becomes extremely important.

Leadership Goal - Build a results based culture of enthusiastic, motivated, confident employees committed to achieving the organization’s future vision.

The Adage of Leadership – Your success depends on the success

Engagement overview

We determine where you are, where you want to go and design an action plan to achieve your goals. We develop a time table based on your availability. I am “carefrontational." I provide the encouragement, support and constructive criticism that will help you reach your plan. We continually monitor progress and hold you you accountable for accomplishing your plan. We work as long as you have value.


Variety of companies up to 500 employees and $100 million in sales.


You have already focused on b2b as a competitive differentiator. Focus on your client / customer base. Don't look at what you do well but ask what do they want from your business category.

-What is most important to them?
-What will give them the most value?

Then work to make these core competencies in your company. The stronger these core competencies the stronger your competitive advantage.

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