Professional summary

Yohan Jacob is the President of Retailbound, Inc., a Chicago-based retail marketing and merchandising consulting company. Prior to working at Retailbound, Inc., Mr. Jacob has spent time as a senior merchant at 2 large billion retailers, Sears Holdings and OfficeMax, as well as spent time as a regional sales and marketing manager for a growing consumer product goods manufacturer. Mr. Jacob has over 2 decades of product merchandising and marketing experience. He has helped several consumer product goods manufacturers become more successful in both the retail and commercial trade. Mr. Jacob also holds both a Bachelors and a Masters in Business Administration from DePaul University

Engagement overview

Retail Coaching - one-on-one personalized sessions with a retail coach - great for entrepreneurs and inventors who want to stay on track and not waste a lot of effort, time, or money in selling to retail. Each session is one hour long and there are no contracts to sign. You book the sessions as you need them!

Retail Consulting - designed to help small or mid-size manufacturers who are already in retail but not maximizing their sales at particular accounts. Retailbound provides that "outsiders" perspective and develops and executes strategies to help the product manufacturer get "back on track".

Outsourced Retail Marketing - designed for that small or mid size manufacturer who needs someone to manage the "sell through" of their products at retail but can't afford to hire someone full time with salary and benefits. Retailbound acts as the company's "marketing manager", "product manager", or "brand manager" at the fraction of the cost of a full time employee.


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If you have a product you are serious about growing and taking it to market, you need Yohan and Retailbound. His coaching service is amazing. He knows what buyers will ask and how to prepare you to win the sale! He offers straightforward, succinct advice and gives examples of real life successes and failures. Whether you have a concept or a complete product ready for the shelf, Retailbound is the best assistance you can hire to become a global competitor in the retail market.

Leslie Smith Blankie Keeper

Yohan is a GREAT retail coach! He is very professional and has amazing coaching skills in guiding you through the retail "jungle." He is very personable and always available for questions. If you are thinking of bringing a new product to market (or currently trying), I would HIGHLY recommend Yohan's services to help make your experience a success!!

Christine Holland Drinkmarx

I highly recommend Yohan with no reservations. Based on my experience, Yohan can make an impact on all aspects of your business, from sales, to marketing, and strategy. In addition, he will listen to ideas and then be honest and straight forward with his recommendations. Something I highly appreciate. Last, but not least, it has been my experience that Yohan cares about helping his clients, well beyond "just the $", as typical consultants do. For these reasons, I recommend him with no hesitation.

Jesus Cedeno Go Learn Toys, Inc.

Yohan is helping me focus on national market placement for my product line. His many years as a buyer allow his clients to learn important sales and marketing skills. He provides weekly assignments with a methodical approach to researching market potential and having all the tools in place to go to market. Yohan also shares valuable networking opportunities and contacts. I am grateful to the Small Business Development Center at Elgin Community College for introducing me to Yohan.

Vicki Rae Thorn Earth Heart, Inc.

I have had the pleasure of working with Yohan for several years. Yohan's approach to everything that he does is with a positive, passionate and can do attitude. I recently have had the opportunity to work very closely with Yohan and it is very evident that his professional growth and entrepreneurial spirit has been a significant factor in his success. I look forward to a very prosperous future with Yohan.

Michael Monsky New Remotes, Inc

Yohan is a real professional; he is very effective in his coaching and teaching strategy. I have received great value from Yohan's advice, it has helped me to be more focused and prepared when I will be exploring business opportunities with the retail market. Another great value from the coaching is that Yohan provides all the materials in writing after each session.

Lior Cohen Hilicom

I recently hired Yohan to help me develop and launch a new retail product. I can tell already that I'm going to enjoy working with him... he is very personable, gets right to the point and seems committed to providing real value. His follow up notes & action items from the call were detailed and extremely helpful. Not to mention, his experience in retail buying & selling is exactly what I was looking for. I recommend Yohan for anyone looking to launch a new product, who hasn't have retail experience.

Suzette Bergeron

Yohan is a true consummate professional that is always personable, highly adaptive to any environment and drives real results. As the president of, I've been fortunate to learn a great deal from Yohan's tremendous experience in the retail industry as both a buyer and a sales rep. Yohan has mentored me and my team since 2012 with the basics and advanced dealings with sales reps, buyers and potential customers. As a result, we have already generated sales over $400K. And our pipeline is full of potential for 2013 and beyond!

James Yu SimplyGlobo