Professional summary

As a seasoned leadership and transformation consultant, I have coached leaders to create, launch, sell, and implement successful transformation initiatives. I offer experience and sharp focus in organizational change, change management, and transformation.

I believe HR is in a unique position to be a primal force in driving organizational performance, increasing market-share, driving customer loyalty, enabling positive public perception, and so much more.

I want to show the world that any organization can exceed its goals while being a truly engaging, enjoyable place to work. I’m here to prove that this is no fantasy. Prevailing wisdom says that employees do not look forward to coming to work. This does not have to be true.


Engagement overview

The duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• Abbott
• Accenture
• Bank of America
• BP
• Campbell’s
• Chicago Mercantile Exchange
• Comcast
• Deloitte
• DeVry
• Discover Financial Services
• Grant Thornton
• Hot Mama’s Foods
• Hollister
• Hospira
• Leo Burnett
• Pepsico
• Purdue Calumet and Purdue North Central Universities
• Navistar
• The Phoenix Suns
• Safer Foundation
• Stihl
• True Value
• University of Illinois at Chicago
• Underwriter’s Laboratories
• Urban Promise
• Walgreen’s


Gossip lives in the absence of answers, communication, transparency, etc. Often times in organizations, the reason that the "grapevine" grows is that there isn't anything being shared or it isn't shared frequently enough or shared consistently. The best way to deal with gossip is a commitment to communication. Not just any kind of communication though. It is telling people what is going on in a cl... Read more

The top 5 reasons young talent leaves firms, especially accounting firms:
1. Lack of opportunity to develop in their chosen profession or to make them more marketable
2. Constantly working on mundane or routine projects/Using outdated technology
3. Lack of connection with direct supervisor/boss
4. Little or no career development within the organization. Young people want to know their career traje... Read more

Turnover is tough. It is a problem for a few reasons. First, it hinders the ability to get work done. Second, it signals to the remaining employees that there are issues. Third, its a huge emotional strain.

First, let's answer your question about "is there a meaningful way to create a cost benefit for the three mitigation techniques listed?" Yes, simply identify the cost of each employee leavin... Read more

Customers have an expectation regarding service. There is so much talk about it and yet, most customers don't feel like they are getting great service. Why? Because most organizations try to make customer service a thing versus an action. Employees are given steps, processes and scripts to follow. Generally, they are not allowed really serve the customer unless it falls under specific criteria.
... Read more


There are number of excellent customer metrics. Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Engagement (CE) are outstanding. NPS enables good comparison against similar industries and does focus if customers might talk about regarding their experience. Customer Engagement measures if customers feel passionate about your brand.

What is critical is regarding customer metrics is ensuring that they conn... Read more


It seems like you have a two pronged issue. First, you've been tasked with changing a culture. Second, the structures in place support the current "hero" or "cowboy" mentality.

The first task is for you to influence your boss and key people that report to you the value of having a culture that plans, prepares or works towards a future vs. fire fighting. There are hundreds of great business rea... Read more

The two most powerful ways to create joy in a workplace are to create a culture that wins and connects people to a higher purpose.

Creating a winning or high performance culture is all about connecting the work that people to do business results.

Connecting people to a "higher purpose" is showing the connection that each and every employee has in gaining and/or retaining customers. When employee... Read more

Great insight from John and Michael. I'm a huge believer in Employee Engagement. Higher employee engagement has been shown to impact organizational results. But, most senior leaders are not looking for statistics or data. They want to know that the program or initiative makes the company more successful. Whether its investing in advanced technology or "human capital", the gauge on whether leaders ... Read more