Professional summary

Carol Anderson founded Anderson Performance Partners LLC to bring together organizational leader to collectively unite all aspects of the business - CEO’s, CFO’s and HR executives – to build, implement and evaluate a workforce alignment strategy. Carol has achieved remarkable success improving leadership collaboration, developing programs and processes that facilitate strategic alignment and building an engaged, committed, high-performing workforce.

Carol is a nationally recognized thought leader, author, speaker and consultant on aligning the workforce to business strategy. It is the workforce that executes an organizations strategy. Too often in today’s complex business world, people are an afterthought, pushed to the side by

Engagement overview

I work with HR and leadership teams together, building strategic capability into the HR team to strengthen the partnership with the business leaders.  The outcome of the engagement is alignment between the workforce and the business.

In the initial consultation, I work with clients to clearly understand the challenge or opportunity, develop a project plan, and quote an estimate based on that plan.


• Biolife, Sarasota FL
• Covenant Woods, Mechanicsville VA
• FirstKey Mortgage, Rye Brook, NY
• TMP Worldwide (, New York
• University of Central Florida, Orlando FL
• SunTrust, Atlanta GA
• Harland Financial Services, Orlando FL
• Red Square Agency, Mobile AL
• Randolph Macon Womens College, Lynchburg VA
• Scott & Stringfellow Investment Banking, Richmond VA
• Family & Childrens' Services, Richmond VA
• Owens & Minor, Richmond VA
• K Line America, Richmond VA
• Agilquest, Richmond VA
• Experient Technologies, Richmond VA


Okay, so my focus is on the people part, which then actually becomes the overall business strategy. There are a couple premises I'll put out there first. To start, there is nothing that is done in your organization that is not done by the activity of an individual or team. Second, I have found in my experience that the answers to your question - what are we doing well, and what could we either be ... Read more

It may very well impact your team dynamics which is an absolutely terrific reason to do it.

I would ask you to think carefully about the source of your reluctance to hire this individual. If you are certain that the requisite skills and experience are there, I suggest recognizing that the disruption may occur and be prepared to get in front of it.

If the reluctance is in anyway related to the sk... Read more

I think you have some work to do on two fronts - you have a trust issue that will need to be repaired, but you also have a decision-making issue that needs some attention. You seem to have fallen prey to applying solutions when you haven't clearly identified the problem. I'm guessing that someone had the idea to do 360s without a clear understanding of why, so you went the easy route and found t... Read more

There are several things at play in this question.

First, leaders need to understand their role in growing and developing their employees' skills and talent, and being comfortable sending them off to the next role. Too often, leaders hide their top performers, fearing a hit to the department if they leave. This really talks to the culture you've built in your organization - much as you are descri... Read more

Big question - why? Brooks is right - you have a finger on the problem, but you're moving to solution WAY too fast. "Flavor of the month" culture change is driven by throwing solutions at problems that have not been clearly defined. The solution doesn't work, so next month try another solution.

As a 40 person tech company, you have a unique culture and I suspect is was established at start up,... Read more

You have some good, and varying advice here already, and I think each of the answers merits thought on your part. You say it is difficult for your to explain to him what his remarks do to others, but you don't say why it is difficult. Have you tried, and if so, what has been his response?

If you have spoken with him about his behavior, was it in the tone of a leader who is providing importan... Read more

Let's back up a bit. The annual performance evaluation is an organization's way of creating meaningful dialogue between a leader and her team, with the end goal of actually improving the performance of the organization. Many organizations and managers don't use the time effectively and the exercise becomes a "process." You can make a significant different with your manager by being candid and op... Read more

You have some great ideas already, and I love the fact that you are being thoughtful about this. My only addition to the great input from the others is to ask one question - "Why is it important that we behave as a team?" It has been my experience that until each member of the team collectively agrees on the answer to this question, it is difficult to create team. In other words, if it is simply... Read more

Even if your employer provides “training” or professional development, it may or may not be helpful to your career. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait for them – the opportunities provided by the internet are astounding. But, here’s the thing. You need to be intentional about what you learn. Start by fully defining where you want to be 3-5 years from now? Do you want to be in the same o... Read more


I have used a Kotter-esque approach that works very well. In one case, the change was a new CEO and a new organizational strategy. The organization was quite large, so we structured a series of explorations aimed at getting the employees to have a chance to discuss and participate in simply understanding the vision and the case for action. Leaders were trained as facilitators, and employees attend... Read more

You have some great advice already here, including having a disciplined approach and asking team members what would be helpful. I have to say I really hate "report out" meetings, and have never met anyone who really liked them. I have had a lot of success in having the team design the major components of the meeting, then having one member of the team take responsibility for each meeting. They do ... Read more

You are so right to focus on building a spirit of cooperation. Top talent is only as good as the team and the leader, in most cases.

"A" players need strong leadership in order to play as part of the team. Strong leadership means that the leader clearly understands her responsibility to the talent, can engage the team in a common vision, can redirect the talent if they stray too far from th... Read more

Your non-financial (and financial) KPIs need to align to your business strategy, which should be the filter through which all are reviewed. I suggest doing some work around the clear understanding of your business strategy to ensure it is accurately understood throughout the organization, and then do the work of skinnying down the metrics through an exercise of strategy alignment. If you're meas... Read more

Jon has some great points, and I agree that engaging the workforce (and possibly even the customers) in defining the new organization is a way to build and grow organically. One thought - I worked with an organization that made a similar move divesting from an organization that was the role model for every other organization in the US. Three years after the move, they were still struggling with... Read more

A couple thoughts. First someone needs to have a conversation with this young man, and quickly. Second, how did he know that there were boundaries? Was the protocol that you're describing formal or informal? Regardless, he needs to be clearly told.

After you clearly define the protocol, I would carefully observe how he responds. You describe him as smart and ambitious. I would question... Read more


Over the years, in an effort to become more strategic, HR has embraced metrics, measures and benchmarks as a means of demonstrating their im... Read more

Performance management originated because organizations needed a fair way to determine compensation; by measuring employee's performance, th... Read more

What are we missing? How about organizational learning? Today's complex and changing world requires continuous learning within organizations... Read more

It is time for all good consultants and vendors everywhere to jump on the performance management bandwagon. Accenture led the cause by retoo... Read more

"I am unhappy with my boss....he doesn't give me feedback.....when she gives me feedback, it's really vague and unhelpful....he doesn't do w... Read more

MY YOGA TEACHER has to remind me to breathe. I chuckle because breathing is pretty fundamental; how the heck do I keep forgetting to do some... Read more

YOU DON'T LIKE your company's performance management plan? Join the crowd! Everyone's getting into the act these days, bashing a process tha... Read more

The Daily Herald carried an article about "the problems veterans face in the professional workplace." The author declares that corporate Ame... Read more

November HR Magazine's Point/Counterpoint column (pp. 22-23) takes on emotional intelligence, asking "Is emotional intelligence a good measu... Read more

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Repurposing HR: From a Cost Center to a Business Accelerator [Carol E.M. Anderson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. HR m... Read more

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Don't you just love it when the business media derails all your good work? The current edition of HR Magazine article "Is the Annual Perform... Read more

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It isn't a trick. Really.Okay, well "perfect" may be a bit strong, but it is possible to design a performance management process that fits y... Read more

"Never take other people for granted. There is a point of no return in all relationships."I love this statement by syndicated columnist Thom... Read more

Once again, Harvard Business Review takes on Human Resources. They want to blow it up. There are three spotlight articles on HR in the July-... Read more

Does it strike you as odd that the July/August HR Magazine features a seven-page article titled 25 Fun

I saw an article on HR Bartender titled If you're being investigated by HR . The title gave me pause, but I had to spend a bit of time figur... Read more

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This is a question I've asked myself almost every time I've had to hire staff. Sometimes the answer to my question is "help," and in a truly... Read more

Over several months in 2014, we worked with our client Covenant Woods to support the substantial change initiatives underway at this beautif... Read more

My husband calls them " blond moments " when he shows me a cartoon and I don't get it. I'm also a bit gullible when I read spoofs and satire... Read more

My husband calls them "blond moments" when he shows me a cartoon and I don't get it. I'm also a bit gullible when I read spoofs and satires.... Read more

In May, I wrote about a young man who had been identified by a Fortune 100 firm as a high potential and placed into a leadership development... Read more

It was a banner year at ABC Group; business was booming, the company completed a major acquisition, initiated huge projects to consolidate d... Read more

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Lately, Human Resources has become a very hot topic - for reasons both good and bad. The good: There is sufficient research to show that exe... Read more

Human Resources has become a very hot topic - for reasons both good and bad.The good: There is sufficient research to show that executive le... Read more

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Last May, I posted a story of a young man who had been identified by a Fortune 100 firm as a high potential and placed into a leadership dev... Read more

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Project Proposals

We may enter your organization through HR or through the business, but we will intentionally bring these together to link executive leadership, management, HR and the workforce through intentional communication and programs.

We will begin with an assessment of the alignment of your current processes, and will help you understand and interpret the data. We will then facilitate your development o... Read more