Professional summary

If you're still reading, you're likely a business leader, executive, or entrepreneur who is:
* frustrated by interpersonal conflicts at work (or at home)
* overwhelmed with managing the needs of your team while still delivering timely results
* exhausted from trying to grow revenue or come up with the next 'great idea'
* unsure (secretly) how what you're doing is really making a difference in the world

I'm unlike any other coach or consultant because I've been there too, and I won’t ask you to do anything I wouldn't be willing to do myself. My goal is to give you permission to take the limits off your ideas and put the apostrophe back in impossible ... that's right, "I'm possible!"

How did I get here? A little about me:


Engagement overview

Engagement would begin with you completing an online assessment to help you identify your priority system. This will provide a clearer sense of how and WHY you communicate, handle stress, manage time, and process information as you do. After review of your results, targeted virtual coaching sessions will help you break through barriers, overcome limiting beliefs, and produce sustainable results.


Sector experience:
• Investment Banking
• Retail Banking
• Telecommunications
• Professional Services
• Health Care
• Pharmaceutical
• Information Technology
• Nonprofit/Government


According to the Journal of Clinical Psychology, of the 45% of people who typically make New Year's Resolutions, only 8% are successful in achieving those resolutions. Given that low success rate, I'm sure you've also considered there must be a way to increase your odds of achieving what you want in 2015.

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'Tis the season to be jolly. If you're seeking ideas on how to ease into the holiday season and lessen your stress, read on for 5 Tips to Beat Your Holiday Stress!

1. Recognize your holiday stress triggers: A stress trigger is an incident that causes either a negative physical (e.g., headache, cold, or pain) or emotional response (e.g., anxiety, insomnia, or sadness). What are your holiday trigge... Read more


As a manager or team leader it's really important that you quickly recognize when there's a lack of motivation on your team.
1. First you want to figure out what's going on. You want to talk to your team members to figure out is it a matter of lack of communication. Do people feel left out of the loop? Or do they find the work not inspiring. Or perhaps it's too much work, or even too little work... Read more

A lot of great advice has been shared about how to improve team performance. To that, I'd add some tips on how to assess and sustain the motivation of team members to work together as a group.

You'll want to talk to your team members to figure out if there are any process issues. Do people feel left out of the loop? Is there too much work, or even too little work so people are checking out beca... Read more

I'd concur with the comments suggesting the need for you to be transparent about your current situation, as well as to share information (as you receive it) about pending changes. You'll want to give your team a line of sight and help them understand how external industry shifts and/or internal organizational changes can impact them directly -- to the best of your knowledge.

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As a manager it can be difficult to know when and how to terminate employees, particularly those employees who have many recurring absences from work. Your first step is to know what is protected absenteeism. The Family Medical Leave Act allows employees to have between 12 or 26 weeks of absences from work within a 12 month period. These absences can be for their own medical conditions, to care fo... Read more


Great question! Even the best athletes have coaches and personal trainers who help them to improve their skills and stay on top of their game. Similarly, people who are already successful can benefit from hiring an executive coach to help them set even higher expectations and be able to exceed them with the right level of support and accountability to help keep them focused and motivated.

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Becoming aware is your first step to lessening your stress. Be willing to let go of past resentments: Once you've identified your triggers, consider viewing them from a NEW perspective. Coach yourself to flip your script for a more positive... Read more

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Colette Ellis is an author, executive coach, and motivational speaker who empowers leaders to focus on their priorities and get €œinstep€ with their health.With over 10 years of experience helping visionaries deal with change, Ellis cr... Read more


I have worked with Colette on major projects for key clients.

Colette brings a level of enthusiasm, attention to detail, and commitment to excellence to every project she has been involved. Her efforts have contributed to solid client satisfaction and my ability to grow the relationship with key clients.

Sean Stowers, Director Learning Services Pearson Learning Solutions

Colette is a rare breed of career coach. Instead of just focusing on your next position, the job market, salaries, resumes, and all of the other trappings that go with career development, she focuses on you as a person to find out where your passions lie, how to relax (which is extremely underrated BTW) and how to put things into proper perspective. She's able to do this seamlessly because she genuinely cares about the people she's helping. I've learned from her that the tangible things (new position, success, etc.) is a byproduct of being comfortable with yourself (the intangibles), and I'm positive that she has and can continue to teach others the same.

Brian Gillard, Digital Marketing Strategy Consultant Served Fresh Media

I have known Colette for many years and have worked with her before. In 2007 she designed and helped implement a highly effective Public Speaking & Communications module for our Youth Job Training Curriculum. This innovative program helps disconnected youth ages 17-21 develop effective public communications skills necessary for today's workplace. I find Colette to be highly personable, flexible in her approach, and very dedicated to mission. The work she has done with our program design has brought immeasurable value, and has helped our kids get a "leg up" in a competitive business environment.

Randolph Peers, CEO Opportunities for a Better Tomorrow, Inc.

I've had the opportunity of working with Colette on two projects and she consistently impressed me with her professionalism and skill. She was an absolute joy to work with. Her expertise allowed me to get straight to the work and focus on results. I highly recommend her.

Joanes Prosper, Film Producer / Director / Editor

Colette came to 3 Day Startup NYC as a mentor for our first summer 2014 program and she blew the participants away with her deep knowledge of agile startup development. She knows how to teach young entrepreneurs how to clearly and concisely explain their business models, development goals, user acquisition strategies, and how to pitch top tier investors. Colette is a coach that you want to help bring ideas out the box, break them apart, put them together, and set strategies on how to test ideas, market them, and keep refining them. I've been able to see her in action outside of 3 Day Startup NYC and I am impressed by the level of professionalism she displays and how she connects people together. I would work with her as a mentor again and recommend others use her services if they are thinking of starting up quickly. She is the best woman for the grueling task.

Desiree Frieson, Entrepreneurial Leader and Communicator