Professional summary

• Helped many entrepreneurial CEOs realize the full potential of their business. This is often accomplished with a Stages of Growth assessment based on the Growth Curve research of James Fischer.
• Have "debriefed" hundreds of personnel assessments as a Certified Professional TriMetrix HD Analyst.
• Created individual marketing plans consistent with each DISC profile for many attorneys within a law firm to help increase their business development.
• Initiated a Round Table group of business owners in the Trades. Group learns from session material and peers.
• Set up complete Practice and Accounting management systems with AbacusLaw at multiple law firms.
• Took over an under-performing consulting organization,

Engagement overview

The best way to start is with a Stages of Growth X-ray to determine the needs .


• $12M Law Firm (Individual Marketing Plans for Attorneys)
• $5M Parking System value added reseller (Marketing, Customer Service, Program Mgmt, Employee Motivation, Sales Forecasting)
• $4.5M Property Management Company (>$25M in Assets) (Values, Mission, Vision, Marketing, Hiring Processes, Employee Motivation, Customer Service, -- "Get the right people on the Bus and in the right seats")
• $3.5M Health Club (Comp Plans, Hiring Process, Employee Motivation, Marketing, Sales)
• $3M Ecommerce & Catalog company (Strategy, Marketing, Social Networking, Product Acquisition, Succession Planning)
• $3M Software Company (Sales Channels, Marketing)
• $2.5M IT outsourcing company (Sales, Marketing, Hiring Processes, Employee Motivation, Customer Service, M&A)
• $2M Design/Build Contracting company (Strategic Planning, Values, MIssion, Vision, Restructuring, Marketing)
• $1M fast growing Insulation Installer (Marketing, Advertising, Hiring, Company Structure)
• $1M fast growing Small Water Systems operator (Business Plan, Delegation, Employee Motivation, M&A)
• $750K Landscaping Company (Corporate Structure, Processes, Leadership, Delegation, Employee Motivation and Comp Plans)
• $400K Retro Candy, Ice Cream Retail Store, and Fudge Wholesaler (Sales, Strategy, Packaging)
• $500K Land Surveying Firm (Strategy, Employee Motivation, Delegation, Collections)
• $300K Value Added Reseller (VAR) of Software (Incorporation, Strategy, Marketing, Acquisition, Hiring, Consulting, Decision Making)
• $100K Tanning Salon Turn Around (Strategy, Business Plan, Compensation, Marketing, Finance Restructuring)
• $50K Personal Marketing Startup (Market Research, Product Definition, Business Development)
• Other smaller assignments in Strategy, Marketing and Mangement: Attorney, Entrepreneur, Painting Contractor, Handyman, Photographer, Small IT Company, Graphic Designer, Landscape Designer, Electrical Contractor, Hair Salon, Laundromat, and Multiple Landscaping Contractors, and a Mortgage Company.


The most common mistakes of new managers:

1) Employee of the month - short term motivation for the winner, long term demotivator for those who did not win.
2) Deep personal relationship with direct reports - makes it hard to be objective and hard to make them accountable.
3) Keep doing what you did - need to stop doing the work and lead/manage the people to get the work done.
4) Afraid to ask for... Read more


Millennials are an interesting breed. There has been a lot written about how they are very different from other generations.

With that said, I always want to "seek first to understand, then be understood". Try to understand what motivates him. Does your company use assessments? if so, go back to the assessment to dig through the report. (If the company does not use assessments, they shoul... Read more