Professional summary

President - Vanguard Organizational Leadership (VOL) - Providing consulting in Servant Leadership Practices and Principles; Team Building for Organizational Leadership Sustainability; Vision/Mission/Motto creation; Customer Service; Mentoring, Counseling and Disciplinary Practices.

> Proactive and enthusiastic teacher/instructor, leader and manager, mentor, counselor and problem-solver able to motivate team or work independently toward goal accomplishment. Organizational Leadership with extensive experience teaching, leadership, management, HR functions, interpersonal communications, goal-setting training, building relationships, and other aspects of managing people, projects and organizations. Very computer literate: Microsoft Office and

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• Keynote Speaker - Florida Association of Pupil Transportation. Leadership for Organizational Sustainability.
• National Association of Pupil Transportation - Seminar on Servant Leadership Principles and Practices.
• Washington Association of Pupil Transportation - Seminar on Servant Leadership Principles and Practices.
• Washington Association of Maintenance and Operations Administrators - Seminars on on Servant Leadership, Customer Service; Creating Vision, Mission and Motto Statements; Mentoring, Counseling and Discipline practices.
• Washington State Public School - Servant Leadership Practices and Principles
• Washington State University Energy/Facilities Consortium Conferences - Servant Leadership; Vision-Mission-Motto Statements; Mentoring, Counseling and Discipline practices for improved performance.
• Various Speaking and Training Workshops throughout the State of Washington - Various leadership, Masonic philosophy, history and administrative training.


Every new employee, regardless of position, comes into an organization with their own style, norms, management expertise and leadership practices. As part of the "New Employee Orientation" (or whatever it is called by the company), it needs to be pointed out what are the company vision, mission, norms, leadership philosophy (such as Servant Leadership Principles and Practices), and ethical standar... Read more

Congratulations on being selected by the President/CEO as being, in his eyes, qualified to fill the position.

However, your comments above about initially turning down the opportunity is troubling to me. I'm thinking that there are some reasons, in your mind, for thinking about declining the promotion. I have always looked for opportunities of increased levels of responsibility, and subsequen... Read more


From a hiker's perspective, the only way to understand the forest is to get in the forest. It might be that you spend so much time doing your specific job that you don't get "out and about" in the company, which will help you gain a fuller understanding of the organizational vision and mission(s).

During my Navy Career, I spent a lot of time seeking knowledge from those outside my personal work ... Read more


If this is the only negative comment you have ever received, I would not worry about it affecting your career. Furthermore, I have found that these kinds of comments can be explained away in future interviews with your truth, documented work ethic, and integrity.

Unless they can follow-up with proof, it will never affect your future employment. Remember, everyone has opinions and this is just a... Read more


Be confident, compassionate and humble; never aggressive, arrogant, and aloof.

Most likely the major difference between you and the older generation is the level of experience, specific professional knowledge and expertise. None-the-less, seek out those people, communicate with them, ask many questions, ask for their opinion on matters other than their specific field of expertise, and include... Read more

I would go to their office and speak directly with them. Politely and respectfully say that you prefer face-to-face conversations.

More importantly, I would, again politely and respectfully, confront them about usurping your authority by going directly to people under your charge. Let him/her know that you need to be in the conversation when issues affect you and your leadership. It might op... Read more

Don't "be" a lame duck leader - "be" a proactive, high energy leader you have been all along. Make sure everyone knows that you are still in the position, there you still work there, that there are things to be done, and that you will be on board with them until you move to another job, if in fact that really happens.

Furthermore, don't talk about the next job at all. In reality, as it now st... Read more

For starters, the line managers need to be trained on widening their perspective beyond mere performance of employees by observing other behaviors, determining why some are disengaged, and quite possibly building better relationships with employees whose performance is below expectations. It might be the line managers fault that some employees are not performing adequately.

Next, I would determi... Read more

This is a tough situation for sure. From your description of the problem, it appears that the gentleman or gentlelady may not be as much overconfident as he/she is overbearing and bull-headed, in which case it may take a huge disaster to get the message across.

You did not mention a Board of Directors to whom the CEO reports, is there one? Why are they not taking action to either correct the prob... Read more

I am answering the question on two or three sections because of word count restrictions. This is #1.

I take a different view about creating Vision, Mission and even Motto statement. A good source is Gordon D'Angelo's book Vision: Your Pathway to Victory - Sharing a Direction to a Better Future.

Covey also says, that employee buy-in is crucial to vision statements. As such, employees need to ... Read more

One thing to remember is that the change process is not about the leader, but about successful transition to the new process and procedures. As that leader, you need to become a Servant Leader in which you are a communicator, listener, collaborator who is consistent throughout the process.

Take feedback, ask for feedback, involve everyone affected by the change process. As you know it takes th... Read more

Change is not about the Leader, it is about others. The Change Manager is also a Servant Leader, meeting the needs of everyone, not only involved in the change process, but also those outside the change process team who are affected by the new methods.

As was said above: open up, listen, take advice, collaborate, communicate above and below self, involve; these are just a few. The key to chan... Read more

Loyal trust takes time. One must be authentic, ethical, consistent and a listener. One must show a "caring" relationship with colleagues. To start building rapidly be consistent, ethical and caring. .. Read more


Communicate, be persistent, have answers to concerns and issues, know your business, explain advantages are just a few. It may take time, but sooner or later the Exec will see your point and, hopefully, begin to take your advice.

It is a challenge. Keep the Quest Alive!.. Read more


David spent significant time to learn about my organization and the complex nature of my concerns. He quickly zeroed in on the critical issues and provided specific options for me to consider. As I added layers to the situation, he was able to adjust his response accordingly. I could tell immediately that he brought not only significant experience but also a sense of true concern about me as an individual. I would give David the highest rating for his consultation

Joseph Dow, Senior Compliance Manager Boston Public Schools

You are the best seminar speaker at the Conference

Ray Burton, CEM (LEEDS AP) McKinstry, Seattle, Washington

David cares about people. His leadership philosophy and belief is to support and attend to the well-being of staff, students and the community he serves through his work

JoAn Steiner, Director of Personnel Services Mukilteo School District, Everett, Washington

Mr. McCuistion is one of the most honorable men I have ever met. Mr. McCuistion's guiding force in everything he does is to serve others and treat people with respect and grace. He is a humble and a natural teacher. He gives without expecting anything in return and teaches through example

Wes Bailey, Principal Voyager Middle School, Everett, Washington

His public speaking skills are excellent. His ability to connect with the audience and deliver useful information in a way that is both easy to absorb and understand is outstanding

Edwin Valbert, Manager Plant Operations Support Consortium, Washington State University

He is absolutely top-notch and has been an often-requested speaker at many conferences I have managed. In fact, he was rated top speaker for the last two major events in Washington State. He is an articulate, poised and engaging speaker—wonderful traits that are in high demand in any sector

Bob McKenzie, Past Manager Plant Operations Support Consortium, Washington State University, Energy Program, Olympia, Washington

You Rock

Dave "The Shef" Sheffield, Business Motivational Speaker and Author Servant Leadership Presentation at the 2011 WAMOA Conference