Professional summary

Actively contributed to the acclaimed success of a fortune 100 retailer e-commerce customer facing mobile applications that led to exceptional performance during the year 2015 holiday season. Responsible for coordinating the execution of several Strategic Business Initiatives between Product Management teams and e-commerce Engineering teams resulting in exceptional customer experience across e-commerce and retail store channels.

Didier's latest article titled "The EBMM-TRIADs(TM): The Chemistry of Business Architecture Alignment"​ was published by the Association of Enterprise Architects in June 2015.

Didier has 20 years of professional experience as a Business Architect and Business Systems Analyst Consultant. Didier brings exceptional

Engagement overview

Business Model Assessment 3 Day workshop based on the EBMM-TRIADs(TM):

• Offers a clear, visual, and comprehensive assessment of enterprise capability to execute its strategic vision
• Links to critical success factors (Organizational Identity, Mission, Climate, Culture, Governance, and Performance)
• Uses vocabulary familiar to business people

Day 1

Climate : 5 Questions assessing the alignment of Business Motivation and Business Responsibilities
Governance: 6 Questions assessing the alignment of Business Strategy and Business Responsibilities
Identity: 4 Questions assessing the alignment of Business Operation and Business Responsibilities

Day 2

Mission: 5 Questions assessing the alignment of Business Strategy and Business Motivation
Culture: 9 Questions assessing the alignment of Business Strategy and Business Operation
Performance: 1 Questions assessing the alignment of Business Motivation and Business Operation

Day 3

Assessment Results
Remediation Strategies and Plans


• Best Buy - Customer Facing Mobile Applications
• Express Scripts Holding
• MGC Diagnostics
• US Department of Labor
• University of Southern California - Alfred E. Mann Institute for biomedical engineering
• US Department of Defense - Armed Services Blood Program
• Quest Diagnostics
• Lockheed Martin - Census Systems


Project failures have been intensively documented. Still project failure has remain a clear and present danger for any initiative of even moderate size let alone for large scale projects. I believe that the top 3 reasons why large projects fail are:
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Question 1:
EHR systems have frustrated a wide variety of Health Professional users for a basic reason: they often lack to offer the following highly desirable feature: "being interoperable by design". This key element of the value proposition of a better EHR system is also advocated by Microsoft in its Connected Health Framework Business Model. Lacking the following two essential features is the... Read more


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A sample Business Model Report for a Healthcare Patient generated by using the EBMM-TRIADs framework.

Our innovative Business Model Assessment Framework.

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This is a case Study of the EBMM-TRIADs(TM) applied to a leading Retailer's new Mobile Initiative: