Question: Why do large projects fail?

Please help us to figure out the most crucial factors that cause large projects to fail. So...based on your experience which are the key root causes for which a high-visibility project cannot be delivered on time, on budget or with the expected quality?

2 Expert Insights

In our experience, there are 10 main reasons why  projects fail.  They are:

1. Executive Level Non-Support
2. Poor Management (Leadership)
3. Improper Staffing
4. Unreasonable Expectations
5. Poor Project Planning
6. Inadequate Change Management
7. Insufficient Staff Skills
8. Poor Decision Making
9. Communications
10. Lack of Training

Project failures have been intensively documented. Still project failure has remain a clear and present danger for any initiative of even moderate size let alone for large scale projects. I believe that the top 3 reasons why large projects fail are:
-Bad project requirements that are either incomplete, inconstant, ambiguous, or that do not sufficiently reflect consensus among all relevant stakeholders.
-Ignoring the rules dictated by the the Project Management Triangle: balancing Scope, Schedule and Cost
-Failing to use Agile Methodologies to tackle and mitigate complexity and risk