Professional summary

★ Do you want to increase your efficiency and productivity?

★ Could you use some simple tools & techniques designed to increase employee engagement in the workplace?

★ Are you looking to raise sales and enjoy customer loyalty?

My name is Gene Shklover and as a specialist in the emerging field of organizational effectiveness I provide organizations with tools and knowledge to optimally utilize their potential.

Decades of building and managing organizations, consulting with a variety of senior leaders, from Fortune 50 (GE, BoA, Verizon) to various startups, made me realize that the most important component in corporate development is HUMAN CONNECTION. This discovery led to research in Organizational and Social Psychology, Ontology

Engagement overview

All engagements are customized per client's specifics.


I ran an SMB growing it from 2 to 120 people and understand that challenge very well.

The most effective “tool” is investing and building a special company culture. Specifically you must invest in people’s connection thus build a coherent, harmonious environment.
This environment will define your retention, growth and all hard KRI’s.

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The snacks at your desk, the color of your walls, the music you listen to, the time you take a break - all these things don't matter. Your question is correct - employees can tweak their environment, their at-work behavior and attitude to create a healthier more creative work environment. Actually, they must if they want to truly feel self-worthiness and fulfillment. However, it can only come fro... Read more


Check out this short slide presentation - if you manage to implement it that will alleviate all your concerns .
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