Question: Creating Constant Growth for Employees

One of the challenges for SMBs is to create constant growth opportunities for employees. In many cases, the organizational chart is more horizontal than vertical.

For smaller companies, what are some effective tools for employee growth (and retention)? For example, how can they effectively use compensation, education, etc?

Expert Insight

I ran an SMB growing it from 2 to 120 people and understand that challenge very well.

The most effective “tool” is investing and building a special company culture. Specifically you must invest in people’s connection thus build a coherent, harmonious environment.
This environment will define your retention, growth and all hard KRI’s.

According to statistics that will increase productivity by 22%, profit by 27%, customer satisfaction by 38% and retention by 22%.
The best advice is to go through a transformational process where all employees would journey together from the space of an individual into a space of the collective. Sounds complex but it is not, we are wired by nature to be one whole...

If needed I'd be happy to elaborate.