Professional summary

Kimberly has more than 20 years experience in front of groups and audiences of all sizes. Since 2001, Kimberly has been leading development programs world-wide, around authentic leadership, communication skills, engagement, and customer experience. In March of 2009, Kimberly launched “OnStage Leadership”, which has received rave reviews and has made an impact on leaders across the country.

OnStage Leadership offers regular open enrollment programs in NYC and Dallas, TX and internal programs for organizations globally. We work with purpose driven/people centered organizations - connecting leaders and emerging leaders to their organization's mission, and to help them excavate their leadership purpose, to better influence, build and sustain

Engagement overview

Kimberly runs full-day open enrollment sessions, in-house sessions, is a sought-after speaker on topics related to Authentic Leadership, Presence, Purpose, Influence, and Presentation Skills, and provides individual presentation-skills coaching.  

Engagement timeframe and fees vary, based on client needs and requirements (Individual participation in OnStage Leadership is $940/person in NYC and $740/person in Dallas; 1-2-hour Speaking Engagements are typically $4,000/day, and an in-house session of OnStage Leadership is normally about $8,000/day, and Presentation Skills coaching is typically $200/hour.)


Our clients include:
• Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical based in Philadelphia, PA
• Fortune 500 company in Crotonville, NY with segments: Energy, Technology Infrastructure, Capital Finance as well as Consumer and Industrial
• Experian
• Hills Pet Nutrition
• Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
• Essilor of America
• TGI Fridays
• SMU Executive Education
• The Bush Institute
• Wolff Olins
• Redscout
• Fahrenheit 212
• Neighborhood Credit Union
• Luminary Labs
• Northwestern Mutual
• DFW Airport
• AT&T
• Slalom Consulting
• Return Path
• Viverae


There are two things that you've said that I believe are key to gaining insight around next steps: This is a "good employee" and this employee is a "millennial". While it's certainly a generalization, many millennials are very ambitious, eager for their career to take off, and don't intend to stay with one company for very long. While this can be challenging to manage from a traditional hierar... Read more


OnStage was such a unique and amazing experience. It pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but I am leaving a stronger person.

Nita Grubb, Associate Strategist Redscout

Choose OnStage Leadership to find and hone who you are ? way beyond your resume!

Charlotte Baxter, Associate Strategist Redscout

Hard work in ways you won't expect, but you'll leave feeling like a new you!

Hope Thurman, Office Manager Redscout

Just go through it ? the results are tangible by the end of the day.

Collin Wood, Senior Strategist Redscout

This was a very valuable leadership building experience. I most appreciate that it's about taking skills you already have and improving them ? rather than from building skills from scratch.

Ali Harwell, Strategist Redscout

Kimberly's approach to leadership training is refreshing, engaging and spot on. It has had a tremendous impact on me professionally and personally. OnStage Leadership provides such a unique learning experience and you can't help but internalize it instantly. You feel the change immediately.

Emine Fornelius, People & Culture Director Wolff Olins, OnStage NYC

A "professional" seminar/leadership attendee, this was refreshing. Kimberly unpacked authenticity to a new level. Established the value of connecting with people as a goal to yield amazing results that bring connection and life.

Kim Vastine, Founder Ambassador Alliance International

OnStage Leadership will force you to take an entire day to think about yourself ? who you are as a leader, what you stand for, and how to make the biggest impact on those around you. A truly transformational experience!

Brandi Johnson, HR Business Partner Essilor of America

OnStage Leadership provides a great atmosphere where you can discover what truly motivates you at your core, and gives you the confidence to act on it.

Joshua Maberry, Security Operations Lead Experian

Kimberly is the real deal with real solutions. OnStage Leadership provide me with tangible tools to further my cause, my confidence, and my impact!

Elyssa Barksdale, Director of Operations Thiel & Thiel, Inc.