Professional summary

I have spent 20 years helping individuals develop their full potential, achieve great success and find fulfillment. My partners and I grow organizations through their leaders.

During consulting engagements, we guide organizations to align their human resources strategies and talent development to their strategic goals. Using thought leadership, best practices combined with custom solutions developed for each specific clients needs, we exceed our client expectations.

Mentoring and coaching is action oriented. Engagements allow the client to reflect on situations and behaviors, discover optimal solutions, and grow as a leader and as a person. Each client has an individualized action plan and during every session that plan is forwarded.

Engagement overview

Investment in an engagement depends on the scope, type, length, and value of work.


Our clients range from start-ups to fortune 100 organizations. Retail, technology, financial services, nonprofit organizations are but a few of the industries in which we've worked.

In our mentoring/coaching practice we often coach one-on-one and in groups or teams, in-person or remotely. We also offer on-site or virtual training and mastermind groups.


It can certainly be frustrating to have a superior that is displaying behavior that screams insecurity.

I think that Mr. Ganduri gave you good advice.

I would add that you consider adopting an empathetic mindset. There are times when we are all insecure for one reason or another. Remembering how that feels, even though you may not react in the same way, will help you understand why she rea... Read more

You've certainly gotten some great advice and I don't disagree with any of my colleagues. So, the only thing I would add is presentation. I don't mean to say form over content, but you've only got one page, so make it a great one. I would start with an overall vision statement as Michael suggested. I would then move to overall synergies and KPIs or metrics. Finally if you have ideas for each of th... Read more


You've gotten some great advice in the responses offered. Here are a couple of my thoughts for you to consider.

In your next conversation with him, I would ask
"What makes it important to you to promote someone internally?"
I might also ask his perception about your ability to fulfill on the role.
Is it just the sense of commitment he feels might be a barrier to your success?
What suppor... Read more