Professional summary

Michele is a "Master Instructor" at GE Crotonville and has taught over 10,000 executives throughout the world in her 20-year career. She works one-on-one with high-level, high-performing executives who are brilliant at business and seek more interpersonal fluency required for success at top organizational levels. She works with them to examine their leadership profile and then advise on a development plan.

International Business Consulting
Michele works with executives to develop their capabilities to go to the next level. With over twenty years experience coaching business leaders across the globe, through challenges of growth and retrenchment, she has a keen insight and the breadth and depth of experiences that give her a unique way

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• GE
- Commercial Finance
- Aviation
- Energy
- Healthcare
- NBC Universal,
- Consumer & Industrial
- Commercial Finance
- Healthcare
- NBC Universal,
- Corporate: Legal, Medical, and the well-known Corporate Audit Staff
• Ford
• ExxonMobil
• Pepsico
• Merck
• Union Carbide
• TimeWarner
• Smith Corona
• The US Government


I suggest having the CEO become part of the discussion rather than lead the discussion. Have a professional facilitator lead it.
Focus on philosophy and mission statement first, then collaborate on values. Then translate values into specific behaviors for different levels and jobs that reflect those values. These behaviors can then be used to evaluate employees. This translation of aspirations... Read more

Initiate a board assessment facilitated by a professional. Read Ram Charan's book BOARDS THAT WORK. This outlines the circumstances, like yours, that trigger this action and lists the criteria for making this assessment. This usually includes an examination of individual behaviors and team dynamics that have begun to deteriorate to the detriment of of the boards duty of care for the corporation.... Read more

The score is only an indicator of effectiveness. The important focus should be on what should the team be doing "More Of"/ Less Of/Differently" to improve. Pull them together and have a very clear discussion of the four parameters for team effectiveness: Goals, Roles, Process, Interpersonal Relationships.

Goals: Are we clear and consistent on direction, objectives, mission, strategy, etc.... Read more

With faults and imperfections, your boss is still your boss. Your options are to grin and bear it, leave or try again to influence him.

First way to influence is by performing above expectations. Demonstrate that you have valuable expertise and deliver on it.
That is a way to build trust. Apparently, you boss does not value prestige and recognition as much as you do. So accept that. What you can ... Read more

You have the cart before the horse. Slow down, think and prepare.

The first step is to set goals and objectives for the year. Make them specific, measurable, attainable and timed. These can be performance goals and development goals....especially important for those with ambition who want to learn, grow and develop.
The performance appraisal is the second step in the process. And it's easy... Read more

Intervene soon.

1. Prepare: Identify specific instances (time,place, situations, people) where here performance has been unacceptable. Then determine exactly what you want her to do or not do. Anticipate her reactions (conciliatory, combative, surprised, etc.) and prepare for how you will deal with her. Notify her of the meeting at least 24 hours in advance and specify the purpose for it.

... Read more

1. Will investing in a career coach help me achieve that? Or am I better off finding a mentor?
Get both. Get as many mentors as you can. They can advise you on how to engineer you through the organization.
A career coach can give you a context to understand what you got, what you want and what you need.,

2. What will be the coaching process, both for development of my IT competencies and le... Read more


For employees, open up lines of communication (live, email, facilitated discussions, etc.) You'll be surprised at what you learn.
Ask three questions:
1. What's going on in the business (field, market, operations, etc.) that you believe is significant to our success?
2. Why is it important?
3. What should the business do to protect, defend, fix or leverage the situation?

For your execu... Read more

Schedule and prepare for a "confronting performance" discussion. Make this straightforward, direct and timely.

1. Communicate specific times, places, situations where direct report overstepped their bounds. Explain implications and consequences (real and potential) of their actions.

2. Ask for understanding and agreement that this is a problem. If the direct understands and agrees, proceed to st... Read more

Make this simple, strategic and sincere.

1. Have a trusted and unbiased outsider conduct a closed meeting with your top directs to discuss (without you present) your style and strategy. Listen and learn from what your advisor reports on their issues, fears, concerns & hopes. Afterwards, speak directly to them and their issues. Commit to, or dismiss their recommendations with reasons. Do wha... Read more

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate.
Be open, direct, honest with good news and bad news
Treat people well throughout. These are good people, but business may be bad... Read more