Professional summary

Michelle Braden is the CEO of MSBCoach (an international coaching organization that focuses on executive coaching and leading employee engagement), founder of the Authentic Leadership Summit, the Emerging Executive Leadership Program and the Center for Employee Engagement. Michelle is also an adjunct facility member of the Center for Creative Leadership and the author of three leadership book, "Stand Out", "Dare to Make a Difference" and "Bottom Line". She is sought after by executives for coaching based upon her own leadership experience and ability to connect with leaders at a personal level. Michelle is known for "keeping it real". Her passion is to work with leaders to identify what it takes to lead with authenticity which is knowing

Engagement overview

Typical coaching engagements are 6 months & include 2 sessions a month & email support. Clients complete an Emergenetics profile:, new client info:, & other work depending upon the type of coaching engagement Our coaching model-


• Federal Reserve Bank
• Darden Business School
• Capital One Financial
• Morgan Keegan
• NGA - National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
• Coty International
• Boehringer Ingelheim
• Battelle
• Lexis Nexis
• UVA Medical Center
• Center for Creative Leadership
• UVA Foundation
• Boar's Head
• City of Charlottesville
• Henrico County
• Retirement Unlimited Incorporated
• Video Gaming Technologies
• Worldstrides
• Microaire
• General Dynamics
• Iluka Resources
• Clinical Care Options
• Virginia National Bank


It is important as a leader that we do not confuse the signs of it "being time to let someone go" with the fact that we have not properly

- led the individual,
- tapped into what motivates them,
- given them opportunity to contribute/engage, and
- made sure they are the right fit for the position they are in.

Your expectations should be clear and the person has been given the opportunities f... Read more


I reached out to a colleague of mine-Bill Cooper-who is a SME in Diversity & Inclusion-Here is his response: In my opinion, Michael has identified the key players required to chart a path for success. The challenge is to gain leader’s buy in. My suggestions are rooted in my belief that to be successful, we must put conversations about social justice to rest & find links to an organization’s ... Read more

You have been given some powerful and meaningful advice from my colleagues.

The only additional suggestion I have it to take both teams through a team building activity - one that focuses on learning each other's behavioral preferences. This will help (you and the team members) understand how to relate, communicate, problem solve and manage healthy relationships with one another - not to menti... Read more

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1. What can you do to make yourself stand out from the crowd?
2. What can you do to take on challenges no one else is taking on?
3. How can you show innovation and new ways of thinking for the high profile challenges you take on?


.. Read more


You have received excellent feedback on reviewing your own personal values and goals. If you have already gone through this process, it is time to ask yourself, “What are the expectations that are in alignment and out of alignment with my values/goals?” This is the starting point to developing your conversation/negotiations with the current CEO. Be sure to carefully plan out your conversati... Read more


You have received meaningful and thought provoking questions to ask yourself from my “mentors guild” colleagues. As a coach, I am in alignment with all of these questions. I also find myself agreeing with David. You are still an important part of the “game”. It is imperative for you to get back in there (both mentally emotionally). It is time to reengage yourself as well as those who... Read more