Project proposal: Change Management & Business Transformations
Deepak Lalwani
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Client impact

1. Change to Support Technology Integration
* Increased stakeholder engagement and understanding of a process & technology implementation by the client company, and accelerated execution of communication and training efforts

2. Change to Support Business Process
* A project management methodology was successfully introduced and adopted by all targeted programs and projects company-wide. More specifically, training and coaching sessions were deployed to over 1,000 project leaders and team members.

3. Change to Support Outsourcing
* Executed key training presentations and workshops, as well as planned how and when the changes were communicated and delivered to address the impacts of the migration to the new outsourcing and shared services environment

4. Organization Design and Change
* Managed the organizational redesign of the company’s customer organization to drive customer satisfaction improvements, better position the company for future growth, and reduce operating expenses

Engagement overview

Our Approach:

1. Assess
* Discussion with client to understand existing conditions, issues, and concerns
* Analysis of as-is conditions, issues, and concerns

2. Plan
* Exploration of possible solutions to the issues and concerns identified
* Define an approach and plan for possible solutions
* Obtain buy-in, commitment, and support from key stakeholders to move forward

3. Build
* Design and develop proposed solutions to achieve agreed upon outcomes
* Review and finalize the creation of proposed solutions and outcomes

4. Deploy
* Present solutions and make updates based on client feedback
* Deliver on proposed solutions to achieve agreed upon outcomes

Relevant background

Change management and business transformation professional for 15 years. Specializing in planning and managing change for strategy and transformation programs to include technology implementation, business process redesign, M&A integration, operating model / organization design, and outsourcing / shared services. View consultant profile