Project proposal: Change Management for Small to Mid-Size Businesses
Joe Heaney
Joe Heaney
Client impact

1. Develop new insights and perspectives

2. Spot disruption before it happens
- spotting transformative trends requires looking beyond the traditional boundaries of your business or industry

3. Answer 4 strategic questions:
- what does my organization bring to the world?
- does that difference matter?
- is something about it scarce and difficult to imitate?
- are we doing today what we need to do in order to matter tomorrow?

4. Improve response time to market needs

5. Organization Design
- ensure the right people are in the right seats

Engagement overview

The consultant-client relationship is built on mutual understanding of what needs to be accomplished and how we will collaborate to make it happen. Our Approach:

1. Discovery
- determine what the broader aims of the assignment are, not just jump into technical issues
- help the client understand what the real problem is and what is needed to solve it

2. Strategic Thinking (as opposed to strategic planning)
- Insights that drive new value for customer
- What trends are being ignored that might disrupt your business. Growing revenues can hide a looming threat that demands your immediate attention.
- NOT a micro modification of last year

3. Strategic Plan
- an action plan that allocates time, resources and money

4. Roll-Out
- Can't pass out like the Ten Commandments. Must communicate the impact on employees daily work.

5. Strategic Tune-Up - MOST IMPORTANT STEP
- monthly or quarterly review of what is working/not working and necessary modifications

Relevant background

As CEO of 5 companies I have sat in your chair and walked in your shoes. Additionally, I have successfully conducted 8 turnarounds. My approach is NOT the study-analyze-recommend routine but to roll up my sleeves and help you execute. View consultant profile