Professional summary

Surya M Ganduri, PhD. PMP @ eMBC, Inc. provides executive level coaching to transform business owners and CxOs into “Peak Performers” by becoming better strategists; planners; communicators; helping them maximize employee performance resulting in better company execution to increase sales and profits. We do this while teaching business owners and CxO’s how to achieve a proper work/life balance.

Dr. Ganduri has unique, rich mix of core competencies and broad base of professional experience. He specializes in strategic and executive leadership development processes, that Help People Succeed in an Evolving World. Dr. Surya is a celebrated mentor in helping individuals and business leaders balance their lives through Self Awareness of intended

Engagement overview

We focus on the skills, attitudes and goals required for your success, as structured below:

• Phase 1 - Focuses on building an understanding where you are, what you want and what's holding you back from getting there.
o Sixteen, 60 minute sessions (once or twice - weekly)
o Fieldwork assignments between sessions
o Assistance and support between sessions, when necessary
o Focus on translating concepts into applications and goals

• Phase 2 - Focused on continued progress, laser focused on specific challenges holding you back from reaching your goals
o Six, 60 minute sessions (once or twice - weekly)
o A decision-making assessment focused on helping you to better understand how and why you make decisions, as well as how to leverage your decision-making strengths and compensate for your weaknesses

• Phase 3 – Evaluation and reinforcement of coaching.
o Four, 60 minute sessions (weekly or monthly)
o Focuses on continued progress towards goals, also identify new goals and challenges.


When it’s done well, 360 program allows all your team members to improve in key areas that might be limiting their upward career path or actually causing major conflict within a team.

When it’s done poorly, 360 program creates mistrust, anger, conflict and can leave a team with lower morale than when you started the exercise.

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Maturity is an ideal quality in any leader/manager. Apparently, she is not comfortable in her own skin. Here are some tips for the team members:

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