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A nationally respected authority on Human Resource Technology, New
Yorker Marc S. Miller has over 40 years experience with all aspects of technology solutions for the function of Human Resources including Strategy and Business Case development for executive leadership, cost justification,
needs analysis, Request For Proposal (RFP) development and Vendor Evaluation methodologies.

Marc uses his significant industry experience and contacts to provide
commentary and

Engagement overview

Nothing excluded, at this point, discussions with client to finalize deliverables.
Most engagements involving HRT vendor evaluation include interviews with stakeholders, questionnaires, generation of Needs Analysis Statements, RFP, eval techniques.




I agree. Hold off at least a year using the current 360 degree approach.

However, if you have the capability with an Employee Portal, consider using a quick survey tool, and ask the appropriate level of employees, or ALL employees - to respond to a few questions about what type of PERFORMANCE process makes them most comfortable. Then move forward.

Also consider supplementing any feedback with an... Read more

With 40 employees - as of now - you have an excellent opportunity to achieve buy - in and collaboration among your workforce.
I agree with my 2 colleagues responses. My suggestion, why not randomly split the 40 employees (everyone, founders included) into 4 or 5 smaller groups. Have each group discuss this issue and come up with pro/cons, or even next steps. I assume many of your employees are m... Read more

Nothing is ever simple when dealing with people on project teams, but here is a bit of straightforward advice.
- Get the correct mix of people on a team, not all of the same type in terms of collaboration style etc.
- Free them
- Trust them, let them see your trust.

Here also is a list of action items that will build a strong team:
1. Get to know the Team as Individuals
2. Define the Team’s pur... Read more

I certainly agree with Bill's answer above.. regarding the importance of assigning a "mentor" to this new hire.
It would be critically important in this case.
The company should do so, as a matter of course, also as a component of a more formalized "on-boarding" program that starts upon acceptance of the letter of offer, and continues not for days.. but for Months beyond the new hire date, makin... Read more

Interesting. I suggest a few things..

Certainly the fact that a hiring manager can make an offer without HR involvement is a big negative. There should be a mandate from senior management that HR must be involved, generate the offer, and that the hiring manager has budgetary approval - from management as well.

Regarding disparities... I would suggest that all jobs be reviewed, and reclassified ... Read more

Project Proposals

My engagement as a well known INDEPENDENT HR technology consultant, thought leader, author and speaker, would encompass at a minimum the following activities:First, I'd document the functional needs via onsite or remote interviews with appropriate level management and field managers.At that point, depending on the understanding of you current and future needs, we will together decide if a formal R... Read more