Professional summary

Antoinette Forth is a strategic mentor and customer experience executive with a well-rounded knowledge of the outsourcing industry and a true talent for reinvigorating sales and business operations, often conceptualizing lucrative partnerships that increase revenues to unprecedented levels. Determined to remain on the cutting-edge and refusing to accept the status quo, Antoinette thrives on challenges that focus on process improvement and problem-solving to perfect the customer journey across multiple touchpoints over time.

Her passion is to transform the typical supplier-client relationships into lifelong, productive and valued partnerships.  During her outsourcing career she attained a 90%+ client retention rate as a result of her inexhaustible

Engagement overview

I bill on a project and deliverable basis.  Once I understand the scope of the challenge, I present a well thought-out solution document that outlines the approach to problem solving along with specific deliverables for agreed-upon milestones along the project path.  Each deliverable has a price associated with it and a start-up fee, based on the scope of work, is due upfront.  I bill separately as a pass-through for travel and extraordinary project expenses such as major printing, shipping and contracting with third parties.  I am known for my strategic intelligence and my 'get it done' approach to business.  I thrive in situations where I am called upon to solve complex problems that are hindering business growth or personnel development.


• $1.2B Global BPO (sales strategy, product development)
• Talent Management & HR Consulting Firm (product development)
• Business Process Management & Software (new vertical expansion)
• Healthcare Pricing Transparency (start-up)


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