Professional summary

George's passion is to help people work to their full potential. With more than 25 years of business consulting and coaching experience George has designed and delivered a wide range of business solutions to improve results, develop and enhance individual and organizational capability and enable growth through innovation and creativity. A strong collaborator, authentic leader, energetic problem-solver & dynamic facilitator, George helps improve the performance of individuals, teams & work groups.

George founded GDI Associates to drive effectiveness & build sustainable high performance at the Organization, Leader, Team & Individual levels, with services that include:

ORGANIZATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS - Strategy & Goal Alignment, Change Management,

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• ABC Radio Networks
• Alameda County Medical Center
• Alza Corporation
• American Academy of Pediatrics
• Biosence Webster
• Berkley Regional Specialty Insurance Company
• Catalyst Health Solutions
• Centocor
• Cordis Corporation
• Federation of Pediatric Organizations
• Hilton Worldwide
• Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc
• Johnson & Johnson Consumer Worldwide
• Johnson & Johnson Corporation
• Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems
• Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development
• McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals
• McNeil Nutritionals
• Morgan Stanley
• Ortho Biotech
• Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
• Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceuticals
• Schering Plough
• Texas Childrens Hospital
• Vistakon USA


Make sure someone is on point as liaison with the system provider. Nothing is more problematic than to find out late in the implementation that the new system does not integrate with key processes you need to run you business.

To ensure the new system is embraced and adopted, you will need to communicate with the workforce about the case for the change, what specifically will change vs remain ... Read more

Here are some things I recommend:

- Be as clear as possible with your sponsor on the desire outcomes, timeframe, resources, etc.

- Think about the competencies you will need to do the work (level of expertise, functional skills, experience) before you select team members

- Launch the team at a live event and spend at least a day together as you start the work (getting to know each other ... Read more

To address the issue you raised, argue for a more rigorous “front end” of the process to ensure there is a clear vision of the future (successful change is all about shifting the energy of people to a different way of thinking, doing, and working).

Next, require that each new initiative has a strong business case; requiring a strong case for change is essential, complete with expected out... Read more

There are three things I would recommend.

First, as difficult as it is letting the leader go is a must do given your zero tolerance policy on integrity breaches. You must act right away to ensure that you keep true to your guiding principles and at the same time, maintain credibility. People are usually very aware and often know a lot more than the CEO on the details. They will be watching you... Read more

I would turn this question inward. Challenges like this one often boil down to respect and value. Does the executive respect my input as a business partner? What evidence do I have? Have I demonstrated my expertise in the area of visioning, leadership, strategy, etc? Examples? Introspective thinking like this helps us assess our own power and influence ability as well as identify developmental ar... Read more


I think the first thing the two of you need to do is agree on what the role, the focus and the priorities are for the business in terms of managing and developing your people. Are you planning on growing significantly? Do your people have the skills needed to be successful in the future? Will the organization need to change as you grow? Do you need to pay primary attention to being in compliance?
... Read more

The performance appraisal (PA) process can be used as a value-add to implementing strategies, such as what you describe in your culture change initiative. Rather than a year-end scramble to document accomplishments PA and Performance Planning can be positioned as a year-long focus on performance. The trick is to align individual performance with the accomplishment of key strategies of the organiza... Read more


Thanks, George, for all you have done to help us progress as a team. Your work has helped Ortho-McNeil reach a leadership position in the industry.

Bob Savage, President Ortho Mc.Neal

I worked with George for several years at J&J. He is a wonderful consultant and a great coach for executives. George has superb communication skills and understands organizations and the people issues that make them work. I would strongly recommend George for any assignment that involves…developing their strategy, people and structure or climate

Neal Bondy, President Optima Consulting

I want to thank you for serving as examiner for our external assessment of J&J Consumer Switzerland. Your broad consulting experience and your business acumen have made the feedback rich and complete, giving the company a clear picture of their strengths and opportunities for improvement

Gudela Fittipaldi

George Chewing is one of those rare individuals who is the complete package: personable, smart, humble, talented at his craft, intuitive, results focused, and high integrity. I have worked with George in a number of capacities, as a colleague, as his manager, and as an internal consultant across the Johnson & Johnson companies in the Consumer, Medical Devices & Diagnostics, and Corporate divisions. I have also hired George as an external consultant at Hilton Worldwide. He has incredibly strong consulting and facilitation skills, and every interaction with him is a value add. George works well across a number of areas including executive coaching of top leaders, team development including globally, business consulting, process facilitation and improvement, change leadership and organization development. He is adept at working around the world, and I have personally benefited from his consulting expertise both in the Americas and in Europe. George has a high level of capacity, and is a master at getting to the root cause of issues, enabling him to identify and deliver solutions that last. I highly recommend George Chewing and GDI Associates, LLC.

Dottie Brienza, VP/ Head of Organizational Performance Bristol-Myers Squibb