Professional summary

Jeff Krug, founder of J.L. Krug & Associates Inc., is an executive/ business coach with 26 years of experience in the corporate environment where he managed and implemented sales, advertising, marketing, training and personnel evaluation programs. He has operated his own business since 1991 utilizing a style of coaching which involves collaboration of both client and coach. This method of coaching helps clients achieve results in both their professional and personal lives.

Jeff feels it is important to first Discover exactly why someone wants a coach, his next step is to help them Develop the plan and necessary steps required for success, and finally Jeff holds them accountable for Achievement. This approach allows for each client to have

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• Abbott Laboratories
• Accountants Plus
• Alliant University
• All Ways Electric, LLC
• American Home Shield
• AON Private Risk Management
• AXA Advisors
• Business-To-Business Communications
• BWD Automotive Corporation
• Camcraft
• CB3 Financial Group, Inc.
• Chamberlain Group
• Compass, Ltd.
• Cornell Forge Company
• County of Kane
• CT Creative
• Culver's Frozen Custard
• Dream Trip Life
• Encompass Insurance (CNA Personal Insurance)
• Tijmen Filex
• FONA International
• HealthCall, LLC
• Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP
• Hotel Baker
• Howdy Honda
• HTH Consultants
• Intermodal Association of North America – IANA
• LifeServe
• LPL Financial
• MSB Wealth Management L.L.C.
• Merlin Muffler Corporation
• Metamorphic Consulting
• Nate's Restoration
• New World Aviation
• Norris Funeral Home
• Ohio Chemical Services, Inc.
• Oracle
• Productive Computers
• RAV Financial Services LLC
• Red River Behavioral Health
• RISH Equipment Company
• ServiceMaster
• Shaw Newspapers
• St. Charles Park District
• St. Mark’s Episcopal Church
• Systema Corporation
• TEG Business Consulting
• The Responsive Mailroom
• Tikis' Grill & Bar
• Town & Country Veterinary
• Transportation Digest
• Trinity Academy of Irish Dance
• US Cellular
• Westminster Christian School
• WKLH Radio


As powerful as a good 360 is I concur you need to wait if that is the type of tool you want to use. What is the true objective of using the 360?

A way to really help develop your people is during their annual review have them develop a goal, something they would like to achieve in the coming year. Review it together and both sign-off on it and then use that as the reason to have quarterly visits ... Read more

I believe we all have about the same thoughts, YOU need to sit down with this person and explain what you see and what his actions are doing to the team itself. Ask him too if he sees what he is doing and then work to develop a plan that will address this persons behavior and then review every 30 to 60 days.

Also, create a plan for yourself that will not allow re except this type of behavior i... Read more

First of all it is important that your role as CFO is one of Leadership and as I understand it until someone is found to fill that role you are still the Leader. So be certain that your colleagues understand that you continue to hold that position for the betterment of the company until a qualified replacement is found.

I believe you are only a lame duck if you allow the others to view it that ... Read more

There is always time to improve! It is how we spend our time if we can be more deliberate in scheduling so the we know what we are doing, when we are doing it and for how long, we will get more accomplished.

Using an agenda with time limits can be one way or using an outside neutral party can also be a way for that long-term development... Read more

Situations like this often cause us to lose a bit of sleep, but what helps most is having a plan. One place to start is to have a clear Job-Description, this will allow you to measure each individual against what you are really wanting in that position.

There are also some tools that will allow you to measure each individual against what you are really looking for which can assist you in the deci... Read more

Congratulations on your new position and Bravo for looking for some help. My initial reaction is to take the first 6 months to a year and treat it like a honeymoon. You want the new organization to know who you are and what your style is, but you do not want to make a lot of changes, you want to get a lay of the land and find out who can do what and what exactly does your board expect.

I would ... Read more

Putting together a Team can be a challenge due to the fact that you have different personalities and styles. My experience has been to find out who the members are, what are their strengths and what is their style, and then let them as a Team learn about each other. What this will do is let each one know how to better communicate with each other, for without this element it will be an uphill battl... Read more

An interesting question, I believe you will need to first determine exactly what the expectations and the requirements of the position are, once that is decided it will be easier to know who the HR person should report to.

In this situation I get the impression that the CEO is more action oriented and will want accountability and benchmarks where as a CFO usually uses the bottom line as the ac... Read more


I invest more time in strategic thinking and as a result am more focused in my business life. This has translated into encouraging our firm to pursue a more focused growth plan whereas we previously jumped from one area to another without adequate planning and commitment.

Mark McCandless, Vice President RAV Financial Services LLC

The areas of coaching directly fit with those areas that the survey showed "needs improvement. Hands on coaching is FAR MORE EFFECTIVE than any single or multiple day seminar.

T.J. Widuch, VP Business Units FONA International

Working with Jeff Krug has caused me to focus on those areas of my career that are the most important. Since we began working together I am doing a better job of managing my time plus, I am much better organized. In 2000 I can attribute an increase of 125k to working with Jeff.

Mike Bauer, President Innovative Business Resources LLC

During my coaching with Jeffrey Krug, I was blessed in my life by the refinement and skills that Jeff consistently modeled to me on values, business and time management. This very concept has been a key ingredient to enrich every aspect of my life.

Ivonne Delaflo, Founder Transcendental Rebirthing System

Time is perhaps the most precious asset. If we lose money, we can always make more. If a thing is destroyed, we can get another. Once time is gone, it's gone forever. Time is not money; time is more than money: Time is life. The better I can fit the things that are important in my life, the better life is. And that is what I believe Jeffrey Krug has helped me most with: constructing a better life. For a number of years, he has become an integral part of my life, and an integral part of my calendar. I look forward to our regular meetings, even if it means having to admit my shortcomings in the areas he and I work on. I'm truly a satisfied customer.

David L. Milligan, Attorney The Law Offices of David L. Milligan, APC