Professional summary

✔︎ Regain Productivity
✔︎ Increase Profits
✔︎ Lower Turnover
✔︎ Raise Customer Satisfaction

EXPERIENCE SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: For 20+ years Paul Simkins has empowered companies and individuals with leadership and team building skills skills to maximize team productivity, improve employee moral, enhance communication, lower turnover, and improve customer satisfaction. He is a Certified Human Behavior Consultant on the DiSC Model and a Founding Partner in the John Maxwell Team of certified Leadership Speakers,Trainers, and Coaches.

KNOW WHERE TO GO NEXT: Paul's strategic planning will help set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that employees and management are working toward common goals, establish

Engagement overview

I meet with a client either in person or other means and help them target specific areas of concern. I then customize topics for facilitated learning with the organization. Typical topics addressed in the learning experiences are Using Human Behavior Principles to Improve Communications, Applying Active Listening Techniques, Becoming the Leader Everyone Wants to Work For, and Developing Strategies for Optimal Performance. I work with my clients to assure they get top results from their investment. I define my success from their success. Engagement fee does not include travel or materials.


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