Professional summary

Ron has over 40 years’ experience helping leaders build organizations for sustainable success.

His key interests include...
• designing and leading performance improvement projects,
• helping leaders build and apply strategic perspective and skills,
• aligning individual and team performance with business strategy, and
• building strategic business partners, especially in Retail, IT, and Finance.

Engagement overview

A typical engagement can last for one day to 12 months depending upon the individual client's needs and the needs of the organization.

There will be a mutual agreement regarding services provided, length of engagement, and fees.


All private coaching clients


Diversity Training is very difficult to tackle today because there are so many different facets to it. What are you trying to accomplish with the training specifically?

Do your senior leaders believe in motivating employees & volunteers through example or through directing or micro managing? If it is the latter, the job will be much more difficult because the culture will not change if there is ... Read more

There are many good points listed here and the best advice I have is to keep your options open with the employee. Don't burn bridges!

Part of the issue may be impatience so my question would be: Did you tell the employee you had discussed the potential raise with management in a reasonable time frame? If you did then the person can benefit from your example. If not, then you need to make some a... Read more


I would suggest you start by determining if you have any "Rock Stars" on board. If you do dig into what makes them different? How do they work differently from the others? What are their values? How do they deal with stress? How do they share or not share with the other employees? Once you have this worked out, figure out how to get others to aspire to become "Rock Stars". Don't try to duplica... Read more