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Areas of expertise

Executive coaching in the areas of public speaking, interpersonal impact, & leadership presence

Professional summary

Since 1989, Sims Wyeth has been coaching senior leaders, executives, scientists and other subject matter experts on how to sell themselves and their ideas.

He has helped to get a client elected to the position of chairman at a global consulting firm, shaped the complex data-based arguments to win approval for new drugs at the FDA, and coached thousands of professionals so they can speak like leaders, get promoted, make more money, reduce their stress and anxiety, save time preparing, and look good in the eyes of other.

Sims' work is based on actor training, classical rhetoric, and the findings of social and behavioral science. His writing has appeared in Business Week, Inc. Magazine, Business 2.0 and Consulting to Management. His first book- A Zen Monk had Sweaty Palms, is a collection of the Presentation Pointers that he sent to his clients on a weekly basis. His second book, The Essentials of Persuasive Public Speaking, was published in 2014 by W.W. Norton, Inc. He is a columnist for

Prior to starting his consulting practice, Sims was a Vice President at Executive Communications Group, and a consultant to KPMG. He studied at Middlebury College and Princeton University.

Engagement overview

Setting goals
Acknowledging strengths
Diagnosing problems
Offering a process for preparation
Scripting and structuring client's content
Helping the client find powerful personal stories to illustrate her points
Teaching clients how to use PowerPoint effectively
Video taped rehearsals
Coaching on style and executive presence
Honest, supportive feedback


• White House Communications Agency

• McKinsey
Deloitte Consulting


• Bristol-Myers Squibb

• Johnson & Johnson

• Deutsche Bank

• AIG Capital
Cisco Systems

• Genentech
Jump Associates

• Franklin Templeton

• Federal Aviation Authority
Patent and Trademark Office