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Serving business leaders for 25 years as they: Connect authentically. Commit boldly. Act responsibly. Achieve wildly.

Camille Smith, Founder and President of Work In Progress Coaching, brings 25 years of experience as a management consultant and leadership coach to help you solve your most critical business problems. Her approach teaches leaders and teams to create breakthroughs in results by transforming their make-it-through-the-day relationships to ones designed by commitment and partnership.

Fueled by her unwavering commitment to unleash people’s potential, Camille draws on her success in high-tech start-ups and multinational Fortune 1000 organizations to design and facilitate engagements that ignite leadership at all levels.

Engagement overview

- Initial Consult
- SOW Alignment
- Leadership declares future state  
- Discover/Own current state
- Implement projects to transform results by how people work together
- Progress measured/Course corrected
- Celebrate
- FollowOn Support


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Yes. Age is a factor ...just like experience, leadership style, personality, etc. Interesting how age makes us all ask questions about "fit" that we should be asking of all candidates.

If you were my client, here are 3 things I'd do:

1. Get data on work preferences, motivations (assessment) on each candidate
2. Have interviews that reveal fit and pitfalls -- listen to what the person says they n... Read more

As for approach, find the right person, may be you, to have 1on1 conversations with those who you feel are not respecting diversity. Diversity is more than respecting another's race, or ethnicity or gender. it has to do with honoring diversity of thinking and ways of working. I say this so that you might broaden what actions you take re: "diversity".

in your role, seek to move from "having a ... Read more

ok, there are a couple of issues here. while the issues may not be related, they are related because they involve you.

First the going around you re: raise. if i were your coach, i'd be asking you this:
- did you tell your direct report that you asked your boss and also got a decline? if you didn't close this communication loop, learn that lesson.
- take your DR to lunch ... ask them what c... Read more


You have good advice above. I'd add: who in your SF office has done this? Talk to them. What's your reason for going? Is there a corporate message you are also asked to deliver? In addition to finding out the cultural differences (for decision making, saying yes/no, building trust, etc., ) find out what the signs are for stepping on toes... and how to clean up afterwards. .. Read more

Agree with everything above and...evaluate whether your career path is in jeopardy by being managed by this person. If it is, take responsibility and create and execute an exit plan -- exit without dissing the manager... Read more

Besides finding a mentor/champion for to support your development and possible advancement, get your job done brilliantly. Don't do your current job "in order to" advance -- that is the wrong focus, in my view. Because every 'promotion' that you don't get will feel extra disappointing. You've said that few managers get promoted, so i'm taking that into account.

Deliver on your accountabilitie... Read more


congrats on your new role. In addition to the great advice from my colleagues re: how to lead your new team. I'd add:

1. Manage up to your manager and manage their expectations. get strategic priorities clear with your manager, tell your team what they are and ask their ideas and plans for how to achieve them. this is your job as Leader, not manager.

2. Accelerate revealing the talents, ski... Read more

Super opportunity for you to "say who you are" regardless of whether or not you get the role.

- whatever you say in your presentation (tons of good advice from other mentors), have it be about more than this new role. this new role is not the last role you'll have. Say your vision for you, as a leader and a leader contributing to this co's success.

- ask for an understanding of why this rol... Read more


I hear your question to be what do you need to know to negotiate whether you want to take this role or not.
You have to negotiate with several different entities.

First: What do you need to know about the role?
(1) Inform your choice: Talk to 2-3 CFOs who have taken a company public. what resources did they have, what budget, support, hire/fire authority, etc. Do your due diligence. (2) us... Read more


Not uncommon for people to not be able to "rewind."

I like what Sarah advised and endorse it. I'll take a different tact. Before you react to what i'm about to say, as it may seem too probing, please take it in the spirit in which it's given which is to forward and strengths your skills as a leader.

This looks like a big opportunity for you to find out:
a) what's missing in your relations... Read more

I love your goal. It will -- and should -- be disruptive. Be sure you assess your group's capacity to change, and that the leadership has a commitment to make this happen, not just "see if it will work."

1. Line managers are biased towards current performance because that's what your culture rewards. If you want this to shift, you have to shift what their rewards are based on, then support them ... Read more

Congrats on your assignment!

1. Before you go, get some coaching from someone who has expertise in Japanese mindset and experience in working there. (if you need people i have 2 excellent folks). Understand embedded, cultural protocols (verbal language, body language, gender competencies; mindsets).

2. Get clear on what your preferences are (for decision making, pace of work, what you mean... Read more

Merging companies means merging cultures. Strengths of both cultures can survive IF there's a conversation that enables that to happen. It won't just happen.

Values are performance drivers and loaded with emotions. Learn more:

The power of having "shared values" is an important part of that merging of cultures. Everyone in the org, regardless of role, function or... Read more