Professional summary

How you HIRE ★ DEVELOP ★ TRAIN and LEAD needs to change. With up to 5 generations in the workplace, hiring new people and managing current employees requires the right information to help make wiser decisions. Lacking People Analytics and Employee Engagement, you will struggle to attract and retain the great employees you need, losing this talent to your competition.

Many companies have an operations system - yet lack a proven People System to:
★ HIRE the Right People.
★ ENGAGE them with personal feedback, starting with Day One!
★ LEAD with bosses people want to work for. ✉ [email protected] ☎ 866-373-0300

The consequences of not having a People System?
💰 TURNOVER: Finding new talent is expensive.

Engagement overview

After a complimentary strategy session, duration and scope is determined based on current status and desired outcomes.


Pre-employment assessments are extremely useful, but only if the right one is chosen. The wrong one is a waste of money and perhaps a legal risk.

Myers Briggs was never designed as a hiring tool. Even the publisher argues the “MBTI can’t tell you who to hire …”, and using it in hiring is unethical.*

Using the right assessment, no matter how expensive, is far less costly than hiring ... Read more

Too many people try to use MBTI in situations it was not designed for. It reminds me of the phrase "When you have nothing but a hammer, everything looks like a nail." It is important to first identify the objectives and outcomes you desire, and THEN choose the assessment tool to measure the information that fits the situation and your budget.

MBTI is a self-analysis tool, and therefore only as ... Read more