Question: Are Pre-Employment Behavioral Assessments Useful?

Do assessments like Predictive Index,Myers Briggs (MBTI) help the hiring process? Is it worth the money?

Expert Insight

Pre-employment assessments are extremely useful, but only if the right one is chosen. The wrong one is a waste of money and perhaps a legal risk.

Myers Briggs was never designed as a hiring tool. Even the publisher argues the “MBTI can’t tell you who to hire …”, and using it in hiring is unethical.*

Using the right assessment, no matter how expensive, is far less costly than hiring the wrong person. Validated hiring assessments for attitude (ex: honesty, integrity, hostility) as well as “job fit” to match ability, interests and personality to a job – will always help the process and well worth the money.

Hiring the right employee, onboarding them to be productive sooner and managing then properly brings huge ROI.