Question: Can A Small Business Run on a 4-Day Work Week?

Is that level of productivity really possible for a small business to shoot for? Looking for practical advice from productivity experts.

Expert Insight

The question has multiple answers, all depending upon ......

Is the question: Can the staff operate on a 4 day schedule?  or  Can the company be functional only 4 days per week?

Many companies have programs that result in 4 day (or less) schedules for employees.  Job sharing, at home schedules (technology dependent), extensive use of part time or contract employees.  Retailers, as one example, many of which are open 7 days, schedule shifts that may include long days (4 days on, 3 off) to ensure that coverage is complete.

Assuming the market (particularly the customers & vendors) operates with a normal 5 day schedule, the business will have to maintain active functions throughout the normal work-week. For example, order entry, warehouse & shipping, accounts payable & receivable will need to be available and responsive.

Companies that are experiencing financial constraints will often reduce the work schedule as a means of maintaining staff integrity but reducing costs. This can only be applied for a short term and usually with agreement by the employees to limit layoffs.