Question: How Can Type A Personalities Improve Their Listening Skills

- Are there specific things that Type A people should/can do to improve their listening skills/gain emotional intelligence?
- Do you find that Type A people struggle more with listening, particularly in the workplace?

Any advice or insight you have would be much appreciated.

2 Expert Insights

The answer is in their bodies, to listen they must learn how to teach their bodies to show up as open and wanting to hear. This can be taught and has positive effects on other aspects of their leadership.
Croft Edwards, Master Certified Coach

Fall in love with your employees.  Only when you love them more than you love success, will you want to listen to everything they have to say.  No faking it.    

Yes, Type A people, which most CEO's are, find it difficult to listen.  They have to have ambition, ego, and a strong sense of their abilities, to take on that job.  These are not conducive to wanting to listen.  And their people get it that most of the time they see themselves as "pawns on the CEO's chessboard".  

People don't care how much you know, UNTIL they know how much you care.  The best way to show that is to WANT to listen.  This only comes when you dig into the person, and fall in love with them as individual human beings.