Question: Asking for a raise

I'm working on a story about asking for a raise the right way. My question is: What are some important things you need to do/steps you need to take *before* you actually ask for a raise?

Expert Insight

The people who ask for and are most likely to receive a raise follow these simple and straight-forward steps:

1. Ideally, at the time of this year's review and increase they ask the 'boss' what are the goals for me and my position that will enhance my value and warrant an salary increase and even a promotion next year?

2. If they didn't clarify this 'last' year and their review is forthcoming, they still ask the person to whom they report how they are performing in specific terms.  What am I doing well and what should I be working on to improve?  It is wise that they summarize their understanding of # 1 and 2 in an email communication with their boss for the record.

3. At the time of their review they are able to reiterate the goals they have had and their assessment of how well they have accomplished them

4. Quarterly check-ins are very useful if possible simply to make certain that the employee and the boss are on the same track in terms of expectations.

Unfortunately, there are many who do not establish clear goals that are in line with their boss and still expect a raise because it's a year later