Question: Best Questions to Ask Employers During an Interview

It comes to the end of the interview, and the employer asks, "Do you have any questions for me?" What question should a job seeker be sure to ask the potential employer, and why?

3 Expert Insights

1. What does success and excellent performance look like in this position? (gives you a good idea of what is expected of you in order to be recognized)

2. To what extent is creativity encouraged and rewarded (does this company want a person to just carry out the way they have determined to do the job or are they always looking for new thinking and innovation?)

3. Given my background and provided I am performing this position to the max ... what are the 'next' opportunities that might be available to me? (how readily does this company promote to those qualified to take on greater responsibility)

4. If there is one thing that you could change in the culture of this company what would it be and what would be the advantages of that change? (One will get a sense of attitudes and the mindset of management

One who asks these types of question may or may not be seen as a welcome addition and that also reveals something about the organization that will heighten or reduce the applicants interest.

Mike Dorman

One of the most important things about looking for a job is to make sure you and the company are a good fit. Questions to ask: How are decisions made here? Please describe the culture of the company? What does it take to be successful here? To ask the hiring manager: How will I be measured? What is your management style? How do you prefer to be communicated with (written, verbal, etc.)? The answers to these questions will give you some insight into what the company is like before you accept the job.

Good interviews require significant preparation by the candidate.  Certainly, the questions one might ask depend upon the position and the seniority of the prospect.  Generally, the following should be fair game:

       - What elements in my application/resume did you find valuable for the company?
       - What were some of the key strategies that allowed the company to achieve its current market position?  Who are considered the primary competitors?
       - Does the company have a growth plan?  Will my position be able to be a key contributor to the future of the company?
       - What key performance indicators will apply to my position?
       - Does the company support a continuing education program or other training for its employees?
       - Can you discuss some of the products/concepts currently in development?
       - What issues about me or about the company should I be aware of to ensure that my entry into the company can be as smooth as possible?

Senior candidates will also want to inquire about financial performance assuming the company is private with unpublished data. Also, key objectives, corporate culture, organization.