Question: What are the most effective psychometric tests you recommend for pre-employment screening?

We're a high growth service provider. We rely on a unique blend of payroll, finance and service aptitudes as key soft skills for successful hires.

Also, how have you seen the tests used to make a great hire?

Expert Insight

One thing to always keep in mind when you are using psychometric, aptitude, personality, communication style, or any other "soft skill/characteristic" tests is that they have VERY fuzzy boundaries...

Using them as a guide to inform decisions is fine, but never, ever let a test make the decision for you.

Second, great hires are great, not because of their skills, aptitudes, or personalities, but because they are engaged and inspired by what the organization is doing. If the organization isn't clear about what their unique place in their community is, they will have a great employee about as often as a blind squirrel with no sense of smell finding an acorn.

If the organization is clear on both what the organizations unique place in the community is, and on what the unique contribution each member of the organization is making toward fulfilling that unique place - great hires will abound.